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Get Private Drum Lessons
in Fairfield, CT

The Music Teachers Network is designed to connect you with top drum teachers serving families in and around Fairfield, CT.  If you seek private drum lessons for beginners or kids drum lessons, we can help. Simply submit your request for lessons and we will match you with amazing instructors near you.


3 Great Reasons to Find Your Drum Teacher with Us

We offer the best Fairfield, CT music instructors at great prices all in one location.  It’s easy and requires no obligation.  We just want to make a good match for you and the instructor.


lesson_number_1 Top Fairfield Drum Teachers

We connect you with top drum teachers around Fairfield that wish to help you and your family reach your musical education goals.  Most of these instructors have advanced degrees in music and years of teaching expertise to keep lessons fun and fresh.  They have so much to share with you and your children, not only about music, but also about what it takes to become an expert in a chosen craft.


lesson_number_2 Great Prices

In our Network, independent instructors and music studios determine their own rates for lessons and retain all of their earnings.  This results in MUCH better pricing for you, AND higher compensation for them – a win-win.  Simply select the Fairfield professional that best suits your family’s personality and budget.


lesson_number_3 It’s Easy

If you’re serious about getting started with private drum lessons, just complete the lesson request form to the right.  Feel free to be specific in the open text field about what you are looking for.  Fairfield area instructors and studios will review your request, and respond to your Music Teachers Network account.  You can then pre-screen the drum teachers that appeal to you.


More About Drum Lessons

One Example Teaching Approach

“I’ve been teaching privately for 5 years, and in that time have found that the best way to maximize each student’s success is to focus on the material that is most interesting to them. Beginning students can learn their favorite songs, while getting a basic foundation in rudiments and syncopation, while advanced students can structure the lesson in a way they would find the most beneficial to their playing style and interests. I am happy to recommend books, music and DVDs relevant to your interests!” 


But I Saw In-Home Drum Lessons in Fairfield Online for $20 an Hour…

In Fairfield, if you are looking for beginner drum lessons or drum lessons for kids, we HIGHLY recommend you review the services of several instructors or studios before you commit to regular lessons to ensure the teacher is proven. The first drum teacher is the most important because they set the stage for proper form and method from the beginning. Get started with your quality music lessons in Fairfield, CT today!



    My son really wanted drum lessons and we found a great teacher with The Music Teachers Network. He comes to the house each week and we're seeing some real progress.
    - Sid O., GA


    Learning how to drum was not as easy as I thought - but I'm finally seeing some improvement.
    - Hazel P., AZ


    Great teacher!! Kudos - we finally found the right one!
    - Audrey B., CA


    Our drum teachers kept on quitting on us and we discovered it was because they weren't making enough money - even though we paid the going rate. Once we found the Music Teachers Network, we hired Vincent directly, and he's been with us for over a year. He keeps what we pay him and finally we are done searching.
    - Harry L., CT



    Our style ranges from rigidly structured and traditional to contemporary and casual, depending on ea..



    The way I learned is the way I teach. I was taught the same way multiple ways and because of this I ..



    It is my personal philosophy that music should be accessible to everyone regardless of age, race, so..



    I have an expectation that my students will practice and put in the effort to become better. I can m..



    Can teach beginner through intermediate level Drum Set students. Teaching lessons will be based arou..



    My approach to teach was when this guy who is 1 year older than me asked me to teach him drums, and ..



    I like to learn what my student's interests musically are. What they want to acheive, who their f..



    The diversity of my teaching experiences has allowed me to synthesize a teaching method that draws f..



    I believe in the importance of teaching the fundamentals. I like to teach the same way that I was t..



    I consider the most important aspect of teaching to be the ability to grasp the student's pace of le..

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Cities We Serve Around Fairfield, Connecticut

What Happens In Lessons?

  • Melissa did very well paying attention and learning new things this week. In her lesson, we worked through several pages of music theory, learned the right hand to part B of Fur Elise, worked on playing legato through a tricky section of Little Playmates, and practiced the first part of Chant Arabe. We also practiced transposing music. Melissa successfully played through Little Playmates in the keys of C, G, F, and D. She even figured out part of it in the key of G flat. Very impressive, Melissa! Great job. :-)

    6 year old Piano Student
    Cumming, GA

  • Courtney got her new books today. Before we went on to the new ones I talked to her about how to analyze chord structures. She did well with this concept and it helped give her an idea of how to play Novela. Courtney did some review theory in the new book too. This week Courtney should practice Rage Over A Lost Penny and Glad Cat Rag.

    12 year old Piano Student
    Park Ridge, IL

  • Heidi and I reviewed the G major linear scale and did it in thirds. We then went over the G major triads and 7th chords. We finished by learning the A section to "Michele".

    15 year old Guitar Student
    Northbrook, IL

  • We worked on the C Major scales, and I introduced her to the arpeggio, its fingerings. I assigned her the C Major scale in 4 8ves and the arpeggios in 3 8ves. After that, we moved onto the Chopin, which is getting better. We worked on dynamics, and how to make the piece make sense, trying to portray a story behind it to give it meaning. That made her more excited to play the piece, rather than just playing it. Afterwards we moved on to the Bach, which she's doing well at. It's uneven in some spaces, but overall it's good. To fix the unevenness, I'm having her play the piece in different rhythms, with emphasis on various parts of the beat.

    14 year old Piano Student
    Plano, TX

  • Amanda and I reviewed our scales. We then learned the Bb pentatonic and compared it to the C# (Db) pentatonic scale. After learning these we improvised over the changes to "Blue Monk" and learned the first 6 bars of the head.

    5 year old Piano Student
    Chicago, IL

  • Claudia and I made some great progress in sight reading and scales today. I assigned the 1-7 C scale, hands together, and p. 51 and 52 in the Faber.

    Madeline and I really stressed rhythm and note values in her new songs, and again in Snake Charmer. Assigned are Snake Charmer (speed and precision) and p. 4 and 5. We will begin Hanon exercises next week.

    8 & 11 year old Piano Students
    Pacific Palisades, CA

  • Calista is doing great! She is making fantastic progress in her note reading. She is working on reading by looking at all the notes this week. Lexie is doing great as well with learning the Bass Clef C position notes. Jackson is awesome at sight reading. He is working on 5th intervals this week. Lucas is persistent with his counting! He is working on adding in dynamics and holding his rests while still counting their value.

    12 & 12 & 10 & 8 year old Piano Students
    Arlington, VA

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