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120 Watts Road, Jefferson, TX 75657

30 min: $10-$20
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60 min: $30-$40

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  • Schooling: UT Tyler - B.S. Mathematics, SFASU - Masters Admin. Ed.
  • I have over 11 years of teaching experience
  • I teach kids & adults ages 9 and up
  • I teach special needs students
  • I have a teaching degree
  • I have a graduate degree
  • I can teach from my studio
  • I can teach from your home
  • I am legally permitted to work in the US
  • I am a non-smoker

About Me

Experienced Teacher and Acoustic Guitarist

I have been playing acoustic guitar since the age of 9. I currently lead a worship team at our local church fellowship and have been leading for the past 30+ years. Being able to play the guitar will take you places. It may take you to a small campfire or a huge auditorium. Playing guitar and singing has taken me to nursing homes, prisons, juvenile centers, living rooms, camp fires, churches, auditoriums, small gatherings like birthdays and Christmas, etc. My wife and I have even written songs and recorded an album together in a studio. I think the most fun, however, is sharing the guitar with someone else. Throughout the past ten years, I've had various guitar students who have shown an interest in playing guitar, and they always seem to enjoy it. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and taught mathematics as well in both high school and college for twelve years. But there is something about teaching someone one-to-one and seeing them learn and succeed, be it math or guitar. I am looking forward to sharing this talent, and the neat thing is it's your journey, and there is no limit to where that journey can take you...but I can help you get started...

Bryan W. Maertins


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Though I have no formal music training in college, I have been playing guitar for the past 38 years, along with singing and songwriting. I do have a B.S. degree in Mathematics and a Masters degree in Administrative Education. I also taught Algebra for twelve years (8 secondary and 4 in post-secondary).

Teaching Approach

I teach the basics of guitar, (holding it, the names of the strings, etc.) then we move into learning chords along with a song that utilizes the chords learned.

Subject Details

Acoustic Guitar: 

I normally teach basic to intermediate guitar using chords and flat picking.

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Minimum Session Duration - 45 minutes
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