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DAW (Logic), Keyboard, Piano (Pop) more

Studio Lessons

3857 Pell Place, San Diego, CA 92130

30 min: $30-$40
45 min: $40-$50
60 min: $60-$70

In-Home Lessons

20 miles from San Diego, CA 92130

30 min: $40-$50
45 min: $50-$60
60 min: $60-$70
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  • Schooling: Musicians Institute College Of Contemporary Music
  • I have over 1 year of teaching experience
  • I teach adults ages 12 and up
  • I teach special needs students
  • I have a teaching degree
  • I have a graduate degree
  • I can teach from my studio
  • I can teach from your home
  • I am legally permitted to work in the US
  • I am a non-smoker

About Me

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Carlos Coriano is a singer & songwriter currently living in Del Mar, CA. Carlos considers artists such as Prince, Hall & Oates, Chromeo, Justin Timberlake, The Weeknd, Bruno Mars, & George Michael as some of his key musical influences. After a talent manager discovered him through his YouTube videos covering songs back in March 2016, Carlos was signed on as a keyboard player & male vocalist for the group Liquid Blue, noted "The World's Most Traveled Dance Band" & traveled the world playing live music overseas for eight months. Prior to his experience with a show-stopping party band, Carlos has played for the 1st Annual Latin American Music Awards, acted in a musical production of "Back To The 80's", played the annual Debutant Ball at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, & participated as a dancer for "Thrill The World", an annual celebration of Michael Jackson's music video 'Thriller'


Can't Stop The Feeling!
The Latin American Music Awards w/CD9
Princess Cruises Santa Clarita Rehearsal
Hollywood Music & Media Awards


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I studied at Musicians Institute College Of Contemporary Music, where I received my Associate of Arts Degree in Keyboard Technology (Piano Performance) I've studied under some stellar musicians including Alberto Salas (Santana), Joesph Bagg (Brian Mcknight), & Kip Blackshire (Prince)

Teaching Approach

Each lesson will be tailored to your individual goals and needs. Depending on whether your doing music leisurely or are looking to grow into doing it professionally, I'll see where you see yourself, & where you'd like to go. If your looking to just play music leisurely, we'll make sure you're learning the songs you love & using the knowledge you gain from those songs to help propel you into starting to learn them independently. If your looking to play music professionally, I offer exercises and insight that would take place in real world music scenarios, as well as help with your artist development, personal branding, and different ways you can acquire work.

Subject Details


Work with students to understand musical independence by learning basslines, playing multiple keyboard
parts, and incorporating real world situations as they apply to rehearsing and performing in a professional musical environment

Piano (Pop): 

• Demonstrate different piano patterns and how they can be used with accompanying a singer or yourself
• Provide instruction to help strengthen chord knowledge, chord progressions, & rhythmic patterns
• Used examples of your preferred music to help relate musical concepts to develop a strong understanding of
different ways of approaching a certain genre of music

DAW (Logic): 


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Minimum Session Duration - 30 minutes
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