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  • Schooling: New York University
  • I have over 5 years of teaching experience
  • I teach kids & adults ages 10 and up
  • I teach special needs students
  • I have a teaching degree
  • I have a graduate degree
  • I can teach from my studio
  • I can teach from your home
  • I am legally permitted to work in the US
  • I am a non-smoker

About Me

Broadway singer hear to help you thrive.

I've been singing and dancing on Broadway for over 10 years. When I'm not on that stage I sing with bands and do voice overs for cartoons and video games. I love teaching. I come from the Bel Canto style of teaching, which emphasizes space and breath to make clear sound. I have had very successful students who book wonderful projects after their time with me. I'm very proud of my work and would like to continue.


Me and Sheryl Crow
Me and Phil Collins at NBC Studios
Tarzan on Broadway. Me as ape
Lin Manuel Miranda and I Shrek Opening


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Review by Rebecca O'Sullivan, NYC Actress on 08/03/2017
Rachel Stern is a teacher who is ON YOUR SIDE. I found her to be a devoted teacher who is continually cheering you on! She is a believer in artists helping other artists. This really stuck with me. Finding joy in each other's success, and encouraging others to be the best that they can be is one of her trademarks.

Rachel is also a top notch performer herself, and has a wealth of Musical knowledge at her fingertips.
I would also like to note that Rachel responded to me via text WHILE I was waiting to audition, as I needed her advice on a song choice rather quickly.

I always felt supported by her as I reached for my goals. It felt AMAZING having someone in my corner who believes in me.

This lady knows her stuff.


Review by Jeanine R on 07/22/2017
Rachel is a gifted, caring teacher.You will benefit from her instruction. She is a teacher and performer who gets it.


I'm a grad of NYU. I have a BFA in Theatre and a minor in English. I studied at the Lee Strasburg Conservatory for acting. I've been singing professionally since 1992. I've sung operas and I sing rock. When I'm not on Broadway I sing with bands, do voice overs for video games, and do concerts. I've studied with wonderful teachers myself to hone this awesome craft.

Teaching Approach

Besides being patient, I teach voice from the Bel Canto style of singing. That's a technique where space and breath allow a relaxed, open body to allow beautiful sound to occur. with that technique I can teach all forms of styles, from opera to Rock!

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Minimum Session Duration - 30 minutes
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