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The Music Teachers Network is designed to connect you with top music teachers serving homes in and around Los Angeles, CA.  If you seek private music lessons for beginners, kids music lessons, or music lessons in a local studio we can help. Simply submit your request for the instrument of your choice and we will match you with amazing instructors near you.

3 Great Reasons to Find Your Music Teacher with Us

We offer the best Los Angeles, CA music instructors at great prices all in one location.  It’s easy and requires no obligation.  We just want to make a good match for you and the instructor.


1 Top Los Angeles Music Teachers

We connect you with top music teachers around Los Angeles that wish to help you and your family reach your musical education goals.  Most of these teachers have advanced degrees in music and years of teaching expertise to keep lessons fun and fresh.  They have so much to share with you and your children, not only about music, but also about what it takes to become an expert in a chosen craft.

2 Great Prices

In our Network, independent instructors and music studios determine their own rates for lessons and retain all of their earnings.  This results in MUCH better pricing for you, AND higher compensation for them – a win-win.  Simply select the Los Angeles professional that best suits your family’s personality and budget.

3 It’s Easy

If you’re serious about getting started with private music lessons, just complete the lesson request form to the right.  Feel free to be specific in the open text field about what you are looking for.  Los Angeles area instructors and studios will review your request, and respond to your Music Teachers Network account.  You can then pre-screen the music teachers that appeal to you.

More About Music Lessons

Example Lesson Summary:

“I gave Jack his lesson first today.  We started by going back and playing a few older songs, and focusing on all the dynamics to get used to the sound of their new piano. He did a nice job of playing the dynamics, which wasn’t easy because the previous keyboard did not have weighted keys. We then looked at the bicycle song from last week and then went 12 bars into the Harry Potter theme from his other book. Blake went next and we looked a through some of the past songs to get used to the feel of the new keyboard again. He really enjoyed reading the melodies from the book, and did very well associating the numbers with his fingers.  Soon he will be reading music.  We ended with ear training, which he always enjoys.” 

But I Saw In-Home Music Lessons in Los Angeles Online for $20 an Hour…

In Los Angeles, if you are looking for elementary music lessons or private music lessons, we HIGHLY recommend you review the services of several instructors or studios before you commit to regular lessons to ensure the music teacher is proven. The first music teacher is the most important because they set the stage for proper form and method from the beginning. Get started with your quality music lessons in Los Angeles, CA today!