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  • Recent Requests from Students:

    Kat - Omaha - Singing (Pop)
    Omaha, NE  68138
    looking for Singing (Pop) Teacher.

  • Recent Requests from Students:

    Allison - Dothan - Violin
    Dothan, AL  36301
    looking for Violin Teacher.

  • Recent Requests from Students:

    RAJAE - Staten island - Singing (Pop)
    Staten island, NY  10314
    looking for Singing (Pop) Teacher.

  • Recent Requests from Students:

    SHeri - North Little Rock - Piano (Classical)
    North Little Rock, AR  72118
    looking for Piano (Classical) Teacher.

  • Recent Requests from Students:

    Emily - Bowling green - Keyboard
    Bowling green, KY  42103
    looking for Keyboard Teacher.

  • Recent Requests from Students:

    Renee - Leesburg - Fiddle Mandolin
    Leesburg, GA  31763
    looking for Fiddle Mandolin Teacher.

  • Recent Requests from Students:

    David - Concord Township - Harmonica
    Concord Township, OH  44077
    looking for Harmonica Teacher.

  • Recent Requests from Students:

    Holly - Baldwinsville - Singing (Rock)
    Baldwinsville, NY  13027
    looking for Singing (Rock) Teacher.

  • Recent Requests from Students:

    Kimberly - Colton - Harp
    Colton, OR  97017
    looking for Harp Teacher.

  • Recent Requests from Students:

    Laverne - Memphis - Piano (Pop)
    Memphis, TN  38126
    looking for Piano (Pop) Teacher.

Piano Teacher Jobs – Part Time Jobs in Montgomery, AL

Piano Teacher wanted in Montgomery, AL. This job is for our full service in-home music teaching division.  We have teachers working directly on our behalf as independent contractors throughout the U.S.  For this division, we manage the relationship with the client (sales, billing, customer service) to provide them an instructor that has passed our 5-point screening process and that is hand selected to be a good fit for their needs.  

We offer high paying part time jobs in Montgomery for great piano instructors with warm energy and a track record of reliability. Our Montgomery jobs are well suited for piano teachers with 1) experience teaching children, 2) a love of driving, and 3) open schedules 2-3 afternoons each week. We are relatively selective, only hiring a few music teachers for every 100 that apply. Please note – all of our music teacher jobs are for lessons in the student’s home and will require regular driving.

 **  If new student leads are what you are looking for and you prefer to set your own rates, handle your own billing and be solely accountable to the student, you will prefer to be part of our leads referral network. **


Reasons to Apply for Our Piano Teaching Positions in Montgomery

  1. Low Stress. We handle all of the lesson administration, billing and customer service so you can dedicate your efforts to teaching Piano
  2. Creative. Set your own curriculum and availability
  3. Save Money. We do the expensive marketing to new students for you, and ensure that you are paid in the event of late cancellation or if the student is not home when you arrive for your lesson
  4. Flexible. Our music teacher jobs in Montgomery, AL are not exclusive. This means that you are free to teach for another company or studio (or on your own) while working with The Music Teachers Network


Not All Music Teaching Jobs are Equal

With The Music Teachers Network, you’ll have the support of a large organization, combined with the advantages of working in a small studio. We spend a great deal of time and effort cultivating new students that really want to learn so you have a rewarding experience. So, if you are looking for a part time job in Montgomery our music teacher positions are a wonderful place to do what you love. We are currently offering piano teaching jobs in your area. Please complete your online application today: Piano Teacher Wanted!


The Music Teachers Network Review by Melissa (Piano Teacher)

Melissa“MTN is a great resource for any piano teacher looking to gain more students.  Within my first few weeks of becoming an MTN instructor, MTN found me 8 students, and because MTN handles all billing and administrative tasks, I have never had any trouble collecting lesson fees from my students.  Because lessons are taught in my students’ homes, I know exactly what kind of environment my students practice in and exactly what kind of instrument they use to practice.  I can make sure that their piano bench is set to the right height and that their piano is in tune or that their electric keyboard has enough notes to play the pieces that I assign.  MTN staff are helpful and easy to work with, and MTN’s lesson logs are also extremely helpful.  It is often hard to find time to write down all that you discuss during the lesson, but MTN’s online lesson logs give teachers an opportunity to further instruct students after the lesson is complete by providing parents and students with a comprehensive overview of what happened during the lesson and what students should practice during the week.  The lesson logs also give teachers a way to remember what they went over in previous lessons and what they did not, and they help teachers and parents both to track their students’ progress.  Because MTN instructors travel to student’s homes, MTN is also a great resource for students who are not able to travel to lessons because of busy schedules or lack of transportation.  Overall, I have been extremely satisfied with MTN, and I would recommend them to anyone seeking to gain students or to take lessons.”


Application Process

  • All applicants must apply online
  • Qualified applicants are notified of next steps via email
  • Unfortunately, some great applicants may not be hired simply due to lack of local demand. Applications are kept on file

Job Features

  • Instructors teach exclusively in the homes of students
  • Instructors primarily teach children
  • Instructors select the appropriate curriculum
  • Instructors are accountable for regular attendance

Job Requirements

  • Applicants must be 18 years or older & legally permitted to work in the United States
  • Applicants must have regular access to the Internet and to a car (except in Manhattan)
  • Availability to teach 2-3 weekday afternoons for MTN

Contract Features

  • Pay rates vary by location and instructor experience
  • This is a part time position
  • There is no requirement for exclusivity with our company
  • Instructors need to provide a one year commitment
  • Instructors are compensated for late cancellations


We hire teachers in Montgomery, AL and throughout the country based on our student demand -Join us today!



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Cities We Serve Around Montgomery, Alabama

What Happens In Lessons?

Melissa did very well paying attention and learning new things this week. In her lesson, we worked through several pages of music theory, learned the right hand to part B of Fur Elise, worked on playing legato through a tricky section of Little Playmates, and practiced the first part of Chant Arabe. We also practiced transposing music. Melissa successfully played through Little Playmates in the keys of C, G, F, and D. She even figured out part of it in the key of G flat. Very impressive, Melissa! Great job. :-)

6 year old Piano Student
Cumming, GA

Montgomery is a stunning multi-ethnic city situated on the banks of the Alabama River. This city is famed for its extensive military presence, public universities, culture parks, art sculptures, sports and exciting festivals. Some points of interest in Montgomery include the Alabama State University, the Wynton M. Blount Cultural Park, Riverwalk Stadium and Hank Williams Museum.
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