Private Bass Guitar Lessons


Start Bass Guitar Lessons with The Music Teachers Network

Looking for bass guitar lessons? Look no further. We provide top bass guitar teachers for families seeking private lessons in the home, or lessons in a local studio. Providing you with instructors to choose from is complementary and protects your privacy until you are ready to share your direct contact information.  We welcome kids, teens, and families.

Who takes Bass Lessons?

Bass lessons can require some physical maneuvering. While there are usually only four strings (in some cases five+), the width and size of the strings and frets are significantly thicker and tougher to reach than traditional acoustic or electric guitars. A good age to start bass lessons is around 12 years old.

How are Bass Guitar Music Lessons Different? What do I need?

The bass guitar works off the bass clef as opposed to guitar, which concentrates on the treble clef. Other instruments based on the bass clef are cello, trombone, bassoon and tuba. In terms of equipment, Fender manufactures two excellent bass guitar models, the “P” bass and the “Jazz” bass. You will need also Ernie Ball bass strings, a metronome, a guitar strap, and an amplifier to get started. For your convenience, we’ve added these items to our online store powered by, and they can be found at most retail music shops if you prefer to try them out in person.

Choosing Bass Guitar Lessons with The Music Teachers Network

Not all bass guitar lessons are created equal.  We provide a premium selection of guitar teachers and studios that are actively available to teach you and want your business. With us, you can e-chat with them prior to getting started.  Those contacting you have paid to do so, and are serious about teaching.  If you seek a rewarding experience learning the bass that provides a foundation for success in other activities, you’ve come to the right place for private lessons. Learn more about our guitar teachers or our commitment to service, or request bass guitar lessons today.