Private Electric Guitar Lessons


Learn to Shred with Electric Guitar Lessons

Already have the basics down on your acoustic guitar? Now it’s time to amplify your sound with electric guitar lessons. We welcome kids, teens, and families. Simply submit your request for lessons and we will match you with amazing instructors near you for either in-home or in-studio lessons.  Your personal contact information remains private until you decide to share it with your chosen instructor.  It’s quick,
easy and free.


What Makes Electric Guitar Lessons Unique?

You can take beginner guitar lessons on an electric guitar, but we recommend you start with the acoustic variety to build your hand strength. Once you learn guitar at the basic level, you can begin to excel in your electric guitar lessons. These lessons focus more on different tricks and techniques designed for the electric guitar, as well as freestyle shredding, and learning the equipment for live performance.


Electric Guitar Equipment

Electric GuitarIf you’re interested in learning the blues, heavy metal, lead or other various guitar soloing styles and methods, you should consider purchasing an electric guitar. Electric guitars are designed for quick soloing and lead method patterns for accomplishing the right sound for styles such as rock, metal, country and jazz.

When purchasing an electric guitar, play-ability and tone are very important. Typically, the more you spend the better the guitar, but the most important factor is whether or not the electric guitar can stay in tune for long periods of time. This depends on how much craftsmanship went into designing the guitar or whether the guitar luthier used quality parts during manufacturing.

We recommend you start with a Fender Stratocaster or a Gibson Epiphone Les Paul, and your instructor may also have other recommendations. Both are affordable and are of excellent quality and value. You’ll also need an amplifier.  We prefer the Fender Princeton Chorus or the Line 6 Spider Jam. Don’t forget to purchase strings, picks and a metronome with 440 tone for tuning, a guitar strap and a guitar instrument cable. To make it easier, we’ve added these to our online store powered by if online shopping is your preferred method.


Lessons with Real Value

Regular beginner guitar lessons should be both fun and provide real value. We offer a tremendous selection of music instructors and studios that are actively available to teach you and want your business.  With us, you can e-chat with them prior to getting started.  Those contacting you have paid to do so, and are serious about teaching. Prices vary by instructor and should be very competitive.  Get started and learn guitar today.