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Here are some questions and answers that music students may find helpful.  

How often do students take lessons?

Students have the opportunity to pick a day and a time that fits their schedule and availability best. Most students choose to take a weekly lesson.

Where are the music lessons held?

Lessons can occur in your home, in a local studio or online, per your specifications when you make a Request for Lessons.

What does it cost to use your service?

There is no cost of making a request for lessons, finding the instructor that is right for you, and contacting them.  Independent instructors and studios set their own rates for the lessons; these rates are listed on their profiles and you pay them directly.  Contact information for the instructors is available to you at any time.

‘Managed’ instructors are a select few music teachers in each area that we pre-screen and hire for you.  Payment, lesson administration, and billing are handled directly through our professional staff.  If this option appears to be a good fit for your family based on your lesson request form, a Music Teachers Network client representative will be in touch with you to review our recommended instructor and pricing of lessons directly.  In this case, we will bill you for the lessons online.  Again, there is no cost to you for the matching services, just the lesson sessions themselves.

What is the cancellation policy?

This will vary by Independent instructor or studio, and is information you can view in their profile. 

If you were staffed with one of our ‘Managed’ instructors, you’ll likely be on a Pay as you Go Plan.  This allows you to provide 24+ hours’ notice of a cancellation without charge.  Details and other plan options (including prepaid plans) will be provided by our client representative prior to lessons beginning.

If I have a ‘Managed’ instructor, which forms of payment does MTN accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and eCheck (all paid online) for lessons.

Do I need to have my own instrument in order to take lessons?

Yes, because you’ll need to practice in between lessons, and most instructors do not supply instruments or accessories. You can always take a look at our online store for our recommended musical instruments sheet music and accessories.

What is the minimum age I should start my child in music lessons?

This will vary by child based largely on his or her attention span and the instrument they wish to learn. Many children start piano and voice as early as five years old, however we have had success with some four-year-olds as well. Instruments such as guitar that require finger and hand strength are better suited for children ages 6 and up. If the child is not sharing a lesson with another student, be sure they can remain engaged for a 45 minute lesson.

How often should my child practice?

As a rule of thumb, a student should practice their instrument at least three times a week for 15-30 minutes. More often than once a day and for shorter durations (10 minutes) is even more ideal for great results. The more often a student practices the faster they will become proficient and get the most out of their lessons. Some students measure practice time in terms of playing a song three times, scales 10 times, or in some other qualitative way to remain engaged. It is important to note, we do not recommend ‘practicing through the pain’ for instruments that require physical dexterity. It is better to let the body heal for a day in between practice sessions when building the core muscles for the first time. For parents, using the word ‘play’ instead of ‘practice’ has also been an effective method to encourage kids to invest time in their instrument.

Are the instructors background screened?

Yes and no.  Check to see if they have a background check on file by reviewing their profile.  If they do not have one, ask them to get one (they can do so through our service).  If you are being staffed through one of our client representatives, all of those instructors have been background screened as part of a 5-point screening process.

Does the instructor supply books and materials?

Not usually.  Materials are available for purchase through our online store for great deals on sheet music. Our store has the same pricing available on

How do I get started?

Place your request for lessons now!