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Recent Music Student Testimonials

The Music Teachers Network offers a superior selection of music teachers for students seeking lessons in home, in a local studio, or online. Simply submit your request for guitar lessons and we will match you with amazing instructors near you.

Below you’ll find recent testimonials from our students or you can leave your own music lesson testimonial.


Our family has had 2 previous teachers.  Working with Sarah made learning the piano very enjoyable.   – Walter C.


Love our piano lessons.  Piano teacher is perfect for us.  – Debbie W.


My girls are taking to the lessons really well – and they actually started practicing yesterday.  Turns out we have the perfect piano for kids – thanks again.  – Anthony B.

“Add a half hour?”

We recently added a half hour to the beginner piano lessons.  Joshua wants to join April in her lesson, but she won’t share her time.  – Beth S.

“I can learn”

Jimmy just told his Grammy “I can learn piano” *so proud* thanks!   – Greg G.

“Great service”

We tried several companies before we found one that was reputable and had instructors that could offer us Suzuki method.  Great service.  The piano lessons are going good.  – Patty R.

“I highly recommend”

My adult son Allan has a mild form of autism.  We’ve been using The Music Teachers Network for 5 years now.  He really looks forward to his lessons and loves playing an annual concert for the family.  I highly recommend this company.   – Howard H.

“So happy to pick it back up”

I played a little back in my twenties – so happy to pick it back up again.  What great therapy.
– Byron G.


Ana is a fantastic instructor.  – Elsie L.

“Switched to The Music Teachers Network”

Last year I paid over $500 in advance to a music instruction company.  Then, when we called to pause lessons for Spring Break – we got charged anyway.  So tried The Music Teachers Network and are much happier.  We found a teacher that only bills for the lessons we don’t cancel with 1 days notice.  This is what I call reasonable.  – Marc G.

“Saved me…hours”

I used to drive 25 minutes each way to take Emma to a studio for piano lessons.  Then I waited there for her for an hour each week.  You guys saved me almost two hours and a lot of stress.  We love our new “in-home” teacher and Emma is making great progress.  Thank you.   – Constance P.

“Play at home”

Once we got the right keyboard, I could play at home and on my Aunt’s grand piano.  I got to really show off my skills!  -  Rafael G.

“Over the hump”

Guitar lessons were not easy, but I made it over the hump thanks to my very patient and talented teacher.  – Kristen M.

“Exceeded my expectations”

My music lessons far exceeded my expectations – I practice each day to learn guitar I’m starting to sound like I know what I’m doing.  Can’t wait to get better  – Brett R.

“They stuck with it”

Tony and Tracey really wanted to play guitar and they stuck with it thanks to Matt (their instructor).  – Myrtle H.


  “Learn guitar”

I wanted Ian to learn guitar so we started him using The Music Teachers Network at age 6.  He’s now 9 and doing really well.  He impresses the heck out of friends and family.  – Vincent L.

“Big Brother”

My boys Charlie (8) and Tyler (11) take guitar lessons for beginners from a teacher we found at The Music Teachers Network.  They really enjoy their teacher – he’s a little bit like a big brother to them now.  Thanks!  -  Edith W.


Our music teacher is superb.  Joel and Danny look forward to their lesson every Thursday.  -  Antonio B.

“Very Happy”

We are very happy with our private lessons for Sam – 14 years old.  He’s really coming out of his shell and I save 2 hours a week in travel time.  -  Jessica E.

“Good results”

Nina is my twelve-year old daughter and she takes acoustic guitar lessons NYC from Joel at The Music Teachers Network.  He’s professional, patient and we see good results.  -  Herb F.

“Much improved”

My son Jay took guitar lessons from another company and they weren’t very consistent.  We switched to using The Music Teachers Network to find electric guitar lessons and things are much improved.  – Wilma J.


I wanted to join my brother in his band so I started bass lessons – it’s been great.  – Andre M.

“Very happy”

My brother is a little slow, but not with his guitar.  We’ve been using you guys for 5 years.  His lessons make him very happy.  – Dianne H.

“Wonderful instructor”

We chose The Music Teachers Network for Donna’s private piano lessons after we tried three others from Craig’s list.  One didn’t show up, one came one time and never returned and the last one was a very strange person.  Now we have a wonderful instructor and love her!  Thanks.  – Lloyd H.


Learning piano is much more enjoyable in our home.  I no longer have to waste 90 minutes driving all over town.  – Helen K.

“Others could not accommodate”

The Music Teachers Network found us an instructor for our only available time, 3pm on Tuesdays.  What a relief.  Others could not accommodate.  – Doris M.

“Practices so much”

My daughter Shannon practices so much more now that we switched to in-home private music lessons.  She’s making real progress and her reading skills improved.  – Tim S.

“Really impressed”

My name is Jill and my Gina wanted to learn to play drums.  We were really impressed by the personal service we got from The Music Teachers Network – so we chose them and things have gone really well ever since.  – Jill D.