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Instructor FAQs

How does it work?


Welcome! There are two opportunities for music teachers with The Music Teachers Network:

Part-time in-home teaching jobs where we manage all of the sales, billing, administration, and pay you an hourly rate.  For this position you must apply, be accepted, and work under an independent contractor agreement

Join our network to find new students for yourself or your teaching business.  There is no cost to create a profile and students can contact you for free.

Job FAQs:
Part Time In-home Teaching Jobs

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How do instructors get paid?

Instructors are paid as independent contractors. MTN does not withhold taxes. All select/managed music teachers are paid monthly and are issued a 1099 form for the IRS at the end of each calendar year.

How do I check the status of my application?

Please log in to your online account to see the status of your application.

Where are the lessons taught?

Lessons are taught in the students’ home, your studio or online.


Lead FAQs:
Joining our network to find new students for yourself or your business


What do I have to do?

Complete a profile that describes you or your music teaching business.  Keep in mind that this is the information new potential students will use to evaluate you and decide if you are the best teacher for their needs.  When you upload a picture, consider a warm, smiling head shot with you looking at the camera for best results.  If you are a business, please use your logo as your profile picture, and upload additional pictures of your staff where prompted.

Where do the lessons take place?

This is up to the instructor and the family.  Instructors may teach in the students’ homes, in their studios, in a public location, or online.  Instructors specify this information in their profile, and are matched with students seeking the same.

What does it cost to get a profile and see leads near me?

A profile is free.  With the profile, you’ll be able to connect with a student seeking your services.  If you wish to contact them, simply reply through our private messaging system.

How do you price a lead?

For instructors that wish to have unlimited access to our general lead pool, there is a subscription rate.

Our goal is to get you new students.  To do that we must maintain a cutting edge platform, make smart marketing investments, and have an active presence on social media.

What if I contact a lead and they don’t respond to me?

If this happens to you repeatedly, have a parent of young kids or friend review your profile.  Is your photo appearance happy, well-groomed, and approachable?  (Tip: Head-shots taken outdoors tend to look more professional than those with a living room or bedroom backdrop.)  Did you describe your expertise thoroughly so that a new student can tell you are well educated or have good experience?  Does your approach to teaching appeal to families? Try to pinpoint what might be discouraging families from hiring you, and see if there is a way to highlight your best attributes.  For example, if you explain that you travel 6 months of the year for performances, this may not work well for students seeking a long term teacher, but it may be great for students preparing for an audition, competition, exam, or college entrance requirements.

What if I move?

Update your profile and matches in your new location will become available to you.  Please also let your current students know that we are a great place to find a new instructor.

I’m taking a break from teaching, or my studio is currently full – should I delete my account?

If you will never teach again, yes.  If you are taking a break, you can simply make your account inactive for that time-frame in your Account Settings area.

Does my background check expire?

Yes.  Renew it every year to keep it current.

Do you screen the clients?

No.  We do check for spam by requiring every student to register before gaining access to contact an instructor. We do our best to identify spam before it is presented to you as a lead.  Please do your own due diligence before providing services to a new client.

What if the client doesn’t pay me?

MTN exists solely to connect instructors with local students. We suggest you review the business laws in your area to determine your options in the case of non-payment.

I’d like to stop receiving emails from you.

Please don’t send us to Spam – it makes it harder to deliver messages to others in the future.  Simply mark your account Inactive in the Account Settings area and no more regular messages or matches should be sent.  Occasionally, we may send a message to all of our Inactive account holders when changes to the site have an impact on their accounts.

I’m having a problem or technical issue.

Our goal is to help great teachers find great families so that music education can get the dedication and emphasis it deserves. Please provide us a brief explanation of your need and an easy way to reach you and we will work to resolve any issues quickly.