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Get a Test Trusted Local Organ Teacher 

We provide families with a great selection of independent instructors and studios that teach private piano lessons in your home or in a group setting.  We have piano teachers in our network that are experienced, youthful in their approach and make learning a challenging instrument fun.

But I Saw a Gal on Craig’s List for $15 an Hour… 

When searching for singing lessons for kids, we HIGHLY recommend you review the services of several instructors or studios before you commit to regular lessons to ensure the piano teacher is proven.  With our service, the instructors can choose to submit themselves for a background check, and you can chat with them without revealing your direct contact information to be sure they are right for you.

Please keep in mind, sometimes a super low-cost or inexperienced instructor can do more damage than good.  The first piano teacher is the most important because they set the stage for proper form and method from the beginning.  Would you choose a lower-end golf instructor to set your swing, and then practice it incorrectly for years?  We wouldn’t either.  That’s why we built the network to provide you great selection so you find the right teacher, make progress, and build a very enjoyable skill for a lifetime. 

I Want My Kids to Be Successful in Beginner Piano Lessons 

Piano lessons for kids require practice and a piano teacher that keeps the lessons fun and fresh.  We don’t want you to spend hundreds on piano tuning or a keyboard, buy your children lessons with an ineffective teacher, and have your child get discouraged.  We want you to succeed and make progress so you get real results.  Selection and a variety of pricing options gives you a great chance at finding the right fit – and, if for any reason you want to make a change, we’re here to provide some options.  Success is our goal for your valuable time and money.

Locations of Our Private Organ Lessons 

We showcase top instructors that travel to you for piano lessons all across the United States including the larger areas listed below.  Don’t see your town?  No worries, we’ve only listed some of the larger cities.  Simply complete the information request form on the right, and instructors and studios near you will review your request, and respond to your Music Teachers Network account.  You can then pre-screen the instructors that appeal to you.  You disclose your contact information only when you are ready.  Get started today – it’s free!