Private Keyboard Lessons

Learn to Play Piano with Keyboard Lessons


Learn to play piano without the expensive piano. All you need is the right keyboard, great weekly keyboard lessons, and a private piano teacher from The Music Teachers Network to learn! 

Keyboard Lessons for Beginners: Where to Start

  • What to get: To play keyboard, we recommend you get the right one. There are several different brands that work great – just be sure the keys are weighted (like a piano) to build hand strength and dexterity. And be sure the keyboard has 88 keys so you get the full range of a piano
  • Great at any age: Instructors on our network teach keyboard lessons to ages 4-80+. Most cover both ear training and reading music notes in your lessons
  • Music: Your piano teacher will recommend the workbooks and sheet music you’ll need (usually at the first lesson).  You’ll use these materials both during the lesson and in your practice time
  • Practice: Your keyboard lessons should be combined with daily practice, even if it’s just 15 minutes a day, to build confidence and dexterity in between your weekly piano lessons and ensure you make great progress
  • Adults: Be sure you make time to take your lessons regularly and practice often to get the optimal value for your private lessons. You have to play to learn piano!


Reasons Why Families Choose a Piano Teacher from The Music Teachers NetworkKeyboard lessons.

Regular keyboard lessons/piano lessons should be both rewarding and provide real value. We offer a tremendous selection of music instructors and studios that are actively available to teach you and want your business.  With us, you can e-chat with them prior to getting started.  Those contacting you have paid to do so, and are serious about teaching. Get started with lessons today.