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Get the Right Piano Teacher From the Start
with The Music Teachers Network

Successful piano lessons for beginners start with the right piano teacher. You only have a couple of chances to find the right person before you or your kids get discouraged and give up. Improve your odds of success with The Music Teachers Network. We have great variety, and the instructors that respond to your request have paid to do so, so they are serious about teaching at very competitive rates. Our process is free for students, and is designed to preserve your energy while giving you great results.


Piano Teacher Qualifications

  • Education/Experience:  Many piano teachers in our network have degrees in music in addition to their years of experience with piano instruction.  Keep in mind, instructors that have significant private training or come from musical families may also have what you seek in an instructor, even if they do not have a PhD in music
  • Right Fit.  Looking to prepare your child for a career in music?  Looking to pass musical exams or college auditions?  Seeking work in the entertainment industry?  Or want to provide a core music education to your children for a talent that lasts a lifetime (and all the academic benefits that go along with it)?  Choose someone who does that.  Piano teachers are very diverse, and if you align yourself with someone that does regularly what you seek, you should be on a good track to finding the right teacher
  • Price.  When seeking an instructor pay some attention to cost, but try not to lose focus.  Having a low budget piano teacher may give you poor to average results and either double your lesson costs over time, or cause you to quit. Better instruction leads to a more enjoyable piano lesson and faster results for you and your family – not to mention, a better financial value
  • Background Check.  We recommend you require a background check, either through our service or otherwise. This applies even if they teach your neighbors or friends
  • Fun, Fun, Fun.  Seek piano teachers that make piano lessons for beginners fun because of their warm personalities and high-energy approach to your piano lesson and practice plans


My Child Needs Piano Lessons for Beginners. We Want an “OK” Piano Teacher, Right?

Unfortunately, no. Beginners require a strong foundation to get them excited about learning piano and to ensure they do not acquire bad habits. Many families try the piano teacher that is closest, easiest to find, or least expensive because they are beginners. Unfortunately, this leads to slow progress, incorrect technique, disinterest and frustration. Often the family’s investment in piano lessons for beginners becomes wasted time and money. In our experience, you start with a very good music teacher to succeed.


Boy Learning Piano Red.jpgReasons Why Families Choose The Music Teachers Network

Your piano lesson should be both fun and provide real value. We offer a tremendous selection of music instructors and studios that are actively available to teach you and want your business.  With us, you can e-chat with them prior to getting started.  Those contacting you have paid to do so, and are serious about teaching. Get started with lessons today.