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What Do Music Lessons Cost These Days?

There is more than one answer to this question depending on many factors, including how expensive it is to live in your part of the country, how long of a lesson duration you need, and who you hire to teach your family. Lessons range from $40-$65 an hour. Here are some important details that may shed some light on this subject and help you determine the budget that’s best for you or your family.

Key Factors in the Cost of Lessons

    • Location.  As is true for all services, the cost varies around the country.  Prices are usually set, in part, by the cost of living near you.  For example, lessons in Manhattan are often more expensive than average.
    • Demand.  Certain cities just seem to have a shortage of instructors available to teach, which drives up the price of lessons.  This is true of the Washington D.C. area, as well as parts of Connecticut (among others).
    • Lesson Type.  Lessons in a studio may be less expensive than in-home lessons simply because they can avoid the unpaid travel time in between lessons.  However, this may not always be the case.
    • Lesson Duration.  Longer lessons cost more, but usually average out to less per minute.  In addition, prepaying for a package of lessons will usually garner you a discount.
    • Instructor/Studio.  Independent instructors are often priced based on their level of teaching experience or education, but not always.  If you seek professional training for a career in entertainment, these professionals can charge more than $100 per hour to get you prepared.  Local studios or music schools and academies pricing often varies by the intensity of the program.

Things to Keep in Mind

It’s best to place a lesson request to get a sense of the pricing in your area for your needs.  If you are matched with one of our in-house instructors, lessons will cost between $1.00 – $1.65 per minute.  If you are presented several matches from our Independent Instructor and Studio network, be sure to start beginners with someone that can lay a good foundation rather than the lowest priced option.  Unlearning bad habits, or losing interest altogether are often not worth the short term financial savings.  Get started with someone that knows how to teach, is skilled in what you wish to learn, and is a pleasure to work with.