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In the world of music lessons, families seeking lessons have several different options. Our vast network of the best local instructors, allows you to find a teacher that fits your needs.  From in-home private piano lessons, to vocal lessons in a studio – our network spans markets from Los Angeles to New York, Chicago and Boston, and Seattle to Dallas – connecting you with teachers that specialize in lessons for kids, adults and families.  If you are looking for a local piano, guitar or other music instructor, view these options:

Music Teachers

Enjoy the freedom to choose the service provider that is best for you with The Music Teachers Network.

  • Full service school or academy: These programs are designed to be immersive and follow a specific, predetermined curriculum for students that intend on utilizing their developed skill set professionally, either in performance, composing, or teaching.  These programs often require tuition and time commitments of the highest order.  Many of them are fantastic programs for those seeking a career in music for their children.  They are best suited for children that demonstrate a natural ability, or an above average desire or commitment to learning music.
  • Weekly studio classes: These programs are designed for families that want their children to learn music as a part of a well-rounded education.  These programs often have a set curriculum, and are wonderful for families that cannot provide a quiet learning environment in the home.  Comparatively, they are often less expensive than lessons at a music school or academy. Click here
  • Weekly in-home lessons: Having a teacher travel to the home is optimal for families that want their children to learn music as part of a well-rounded education.  They enable caregivers the freedom from taking children to and from lessons held in a studio, and also better enable the family to participate in the lesson if desired.  Curriculum is usually developed by the instructor, and often more individualized.  The price of lessons is comparable or slightly higher than weekly studio classes to compensate for the travel time of the instructor.

At The Music Teachers Network, we focus primarily on matching great families with music teaching professionals that provide weekly studio classes or in-home lessons.  Some of these instructors are part of our staff.  Others are dedicated professionals that work independently as part of their own studio.  We even offer students an introduction to local studios in their area.  The result?  The client is in the driver’s seat when it comes to selecting the music professional and service that is right for them.

The Difference?  Choice, Savings and Dedicated Professionals

When a client submits a request for lessons, the responses they get will be from individuals or studios that truly want to teach.  With our service, clients will not be presented with anyone that isn’t fully dedicated to serving their needs.  Why?  Because the responding instructors are either part of our staff, or they have paid for the opportunity to respond to a client request.

Clients often find financial savings with independent service providers in our network, as many of the instructors that work for other online music companies are free to work with our clients directly.  Since there is no “middle man” in these circumstances, these instructors “take home” more compensation from teaching while charging less to the client.  This provides the student savings for the same quality of instruction.

Our Mission

Our goal is to maximize the opportunities available for children and adults to learn music and share the love of music with others.  If we can do that by helping teaching professionals be more successful, we have truly provided a valuable service to everyone involved.  We were founded by musicians, and use our proceeds to build awareness for our Network and help great teachers find great students.  The process is free for students, so get started today.  We will never share information to 3rd party providers or ‘list-buyers’.  It would undermine our integrity.  Thank you for learning more about The Music Teachers Network we hope you’ll decide to become part of our esteemed ‘music family’.