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I am a senior at Fairfax High School and will begin a double major in music performance and engineering at Virginia Tech next year. I love music and have been playing an instrument since I was 5. I started with the euphonium because my father plays the tuba, and I wanted to be like him. I was born and raised in France until the age of 12 when I moved here with my mother. Since I was moving to a new country, I decided to try a new instrument, so I started playing the flute. I played flute through 6th grade and participated in the Area Honor Band. In 7th grade, I switched to the oboe. Halfway through that year, my band director needed a bassoon player, so I volunteered to try it and loved it and still do. I made first chair All District in 8th grade. I have participated in the top band at Fairfax High School since my freshman year, and am proud to say that this year, my senior year, I made first chair All District, 1st chair in Senior Regional Orchestra, and 2nd chair All State. I have also been in Marching Band all four years and have been a section leader since my sophomore year - first as section leader for trombones, then as section leader for sousaphones which I play in Marching Band. I also love sports and have played Little League baseball and youth club basketball and soccer. At Fairfax, I played freshman football and was a member of the tennis team for three years. This year, I am playing men's softball on my grandfather's church league team. Despite staying busy with music and sports, I have worked hard in my academic life and currently have a 4.3 GPA. I am personable and hard working and have good people skills.

  • I am legally permitted to work in the US
  • I teach kids & adults ages 6 and up
  • I am a non-smoker
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10 miles from Fairfax, VA 22030

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    I went to school in France through the 6th grade. When I moved to the United States, my mother had me repeat 6th grade here because of my young age compared to my peers and because my first language is French. I placed out of the ESOL program after one month, had a successful 6th grade, then moved on to middle school. In middle school I took all honors classes, then transitioned to Fairfax High School. At Fairfax, I have taken honors or Advanced Placement classes whenever they have been available and have maintained a GPA of over 4.1 since 8th grade. This spring, I will graduate with an advanced diploma and approximately 25 Advanced Placement college credits. Along with music, my strongest subjects are math and science, and though I do well in my liberal arts classes, I don't enjoy them as much. This year, my favorite classes have been AP Calculus BC in which we are learning one year of college calculus in one year of high school. I do love a challenge!

    Every music teacher I've ever worked with has had a huge impact on my life and contributed to the person I am today, not just in the area of music but in my life in general. As an almost adult, I think it is time I return the favor and start passing on my knowledge of music to the rising generation of musicians in order to keep the evolution of music and musicians going. Having been exposed to many different teachers in my life already, I have many models of good teaching to which I can refer. Practically, as a section leader in marching band, I've learned to break complicated notions down into manageable portions in order to teach detail while allowing everyone to understand the whole picture. I've learned that this approach makes it easier for my section members to learn and to remember everything they need. By starting with a learner-friendly approach to fundamentals, I have found that we can more quickly move on to the more complicated tasks because everyone stays relaxed. I have learned to be very patient in my teaching , and to try and keep my mind open to seeing things from the students' perspective since different people learn in different ways. As a student of music myself, and as principle bassoonist at my school, I have learned that playing along with the student you are teaching is very helpful because it gives them something to try and match. It also communicates to the student that music is fun and can be very social.


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