At MTN, we believe that music education is essential in building important life skills, such as self-esteem, creativity, cognitive ability, empathy, and healthy expression.

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Whether you are a beginner, or someone seeking a serious music education, or you are looking for an engaging experience for a special needs child, the impact of a quality teacher is immeasurable…for a LIFETIME. A strong music teacher will nurture and inspire a student’s growth and passion like no one else! It is a special bond that requires profound trust because all students are vulnerable when they are first learning and mastering an instrument of any kind. That’s why it is imperative that the teacher instills confidence in an encouraging way.

This is exactly what makes our SELECT teachers special. They are hand-picked for their excellence as musicians and dedication as teachers. Every instructor chosen for the SELECT Program is screened for their expertise, approach to teaching and their ability to mentor and fascinate children. They are accountable and reliable. And they professionally stand-out as the best in their craft.

The SELECT Program is all about matching the right teacher with the right student. We custom-select for the best quality fit, so you don’t have to. Every teacher is exclusively chosen, based on the experience of Mike Simon who has hired thousands of teachers in his career. This includes a discerning selection process and a background check. Additionally, we handle everything from scheduling to billing.