Private Singing Lessons


Learn How to Sing with Private Singing Lessons
from The Music Teachers Network


Improving your singing voice or learning how to sing for the first time can be both exciting and, if your kids are on the shy side, a little bit scary at first!  Rest assured there are fantastic voice coaches at The Music Teachers Network that know just how to break the ice to get you or your children warmed up and ready to sing for the whole family. Lessons are offered in-home, in-studio or online, and are available for
beginning through advanced levels.


Happy student taking singing lessonsWhat Kind of Singing Lessons Should I Be Looking For?

  • Home. In-home, private voice lessons attract busy students that prefer the privacy and convenience of a traveling teacher
  • Studio.  Studio lessons often provide cost savings and work well for those that prefer a structured setting.  Do keep in mind that you’ll need a keyboard/piano or music player to practice with between lessons or you may find lessons are not progressing
  • Starting Age/Duration.  Many students start as kids and teens, then specialize in a specific style of music as their voices mature, although some instructors prefer to wait until the student has a post-pubescent voice to begin lessons. Two siblings often share a 60 minute lesson, each taking 30 minutes. Single children and children over the age of 10 usually take 45 minutes learning to sing each week. It is also common for a student to learn both voice and piano at the same time.  Lessons for teens and adults often last 60 minutes to ensure you really get the most of your lessons
  • Family Lessons.  Many families that take singing lessons together with the same teacher. With kids and adults, family lessons last between 90 minutes and 2 hours a week and provide an excellent way to set aside that extra quality time busy schedules often take away
  • Cost.  Costs vary widely by region and teacher (often between $25 – $100 per hour).  Once you place your request for lessons, pricing and details about the teacher are available for your review.  You can often secure discounts for purchasing a package of lessons – so be sure to ask


Improve Your Singing Voice with a Great Instructor from The Music Teachers Network

Not all voice lessons are created equal.  We offer a tremendous selection of music instructors and studios that are actively available to teach you and want your business.  With us, you can e-chat with them prior to getting started.  Those contacting you have paid to do so, and are serious about teaching.  Learn more about the vocal coaches or request singing lessons today.