«As special needs parents we don’t have the power to make life “fair,” but we do have the power to make life joyful.»


Music lessons can be a wonderful and empowering experience for special needs children and their families.

Find a Teacher

Through MTN you’ll find caring, skilled instructors who can teach in your home or at a care facility to create a familiar, comfortable experience. We know that teaching special-needs children requires empathy, patience, and love in addition to musical and teaching skills.

We, and our teachers, know that special-needs children may sense, learn, communicate, and process information in a variety of ways. They may move and make eye contact differently and have different needs around their personal space. We know that their physical surroundings are important; so are the lesson routine and procedures. Our teachers share their qualifications and experience in these areas, so you can make an informed choice. We also offer our SELECT program to support you in finding the right teacher for your child.

Help your Special Needs child find success

We’ve had great success matching music teachers with special-needs students with a range of disorders, including depression, Autism spectrum disorder, and Down syndrome. Studies have shown, and many families have told us, that music lessons help children immensely in building social, cognitive, and physical skills, as well as confidence and independence. Reading music or playing by ear can be fun and uplifting. Lessons can be designed for specific needs, goals, and preferences.

Ideal Teachers

Experience: When choosing a teacher for a special-needs student, it’s best to select someone who specializes in this area. Such teachers often have specialized training and can show you references and/or certifications and relate anecdotes that demonstrate their capabilities.

Aptitude: You may also consider the aptitude of the teacher and his excitement to teach special needs. Their desire, together with your guidance and supervision, may yield rewarding results. Each student – and each teacher – is unique.

Fun: When selecting a teacher for your special-needs child, make sure they understand that music lessons must be fun! A warm personality and energetic approach are crucial to an enjoyable experience. Since our service is free to the student, you can always come back to MTN to find the perfect fit.

Why Special Needs Families Choose MTN

Simply put, we put more effort than other organizations into making sure we really know our teachers, their skills, and their experience with special-needs children. We share our knowledge and insights with you so you can choose the best teacher.

« My adult son Allan has a mild form of autism. We’ve been using The Music Teachers Network for 5 years now. He really looks forward to his lessons and loves playing an annual concert for the family. I highly recommend this company. » – Howard H.