Private Background Screening Lessons

Trusted Background Screening From Experts in the Business

CDI Infobox 3Security is a top priority at MTN. The running of a background investigation can bring a peace of mind that an instructor is trustworthy and safe to come into a home environment. To perform this service MTN has partnered with CartwrightDownes, Inc. (“CDI”) a licensed Detective Agency, recognized internationally for its uncompromised quality, integrity and trust in conducting background investigations for over 30 years.

How it Works

For managed instructors, MTN conducts a background investigation at time of hire. For independent instructors advertising on our Network, a background investigation will be conducted if they choose to purchase one themselves.  This information will be marked on their profile and must be renewed annually.  If clients choose to participate in lessons with a music studio found in our network, we highly recommend they inquire with that studio directly about their background screening processes for their instructors.  

MTN background screening includes an enhanced nationwide database criminal check. This investigation will validate the instructors’ social security number, identify any known aliases and cross-check for criminal records, list all known addresses, and search state sex offender lists and government watch lists, in addition to performing a national statewide criminal search (where available) containing information from local, law enforcement and state levels.  It should be noted that juvenile records cannot be searched or reported. The investigation will include only those records encountered as an adult or as a juvenile who was prosecuted as an adult.

Upon screening, if the findings developed during the course of the investigation were favorable, the instructor will be granted “Background Screened” Status. Instructors that are screened but do not present a favorable result will not appear in our Network nor have the opportunity to work as a managed instructor for The Music Teachers Network.