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How it Works

In a nutshell, wonderful students submit a request for lessons, and we match them with amazing instructors that fit their initial criteria.  The matching service is free for students, and instructors. 

When an instructor wishes to answer a student request, they use their paid membership or purchase credits to open a discussion with the student.   The student will then have access to the instructors direct contact information as well as an e-chat feature on our site.  The student will share their personal contact information when they are comfortable and ready to begin lessons.  Scheduling, payment and terms of service will be set between the student and instructor directly.

Clients that prefer to be matched with on-staff instructors are contacted by us directly to discuss lessons.  Scheduling, payment and terms of service are then managed by The Music Teachers Network.

How Teachers Work with Us

As an instructor, you have a couple of options on how to get value from our service.

Teachers Choose HIW 1

Teachers Choose HIW 3 Teachers Choose HIW 2
  • Teachers – Get Student Leads:  To make your talents available to students, and manage your own pricing, business terms, and schedule, join our Network
  • Teachers – Apply for a Job:  To become an on-staff instructor, where we manage your student load, pricing, student billing, and pay you an hourly teaching rate, apply for one of our open positions.  If hired, you will need to pass our 5-point screening process before joining our staff.  Since we hire selectively based on local demand, unique qualifications, and availability, if you are not offered a contract after applying to the open positions, you may be invited to join our Network. This does not mean we do not think you are an amazing teacher, but in some areas we may see more demand from students to work with Network instructors.   This is especially true for families that like to pre-screen their own instructors directly.  It will be a win-win either way for an instructor seeking more great families to work with.  There is no risk or cost in getting started.