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Mike Simon’s Music Teachers Network offers professional music lessons search-tools for finding and hiring music instructors for private lessons throughout cities & towns across the U.S.  Learn to read music and play your favorite instruments like the piano, guitar and singing with expert guidance and instruction by experienced and dedicated music teachers. Our free service for music teachers and studios is the best platform available online to connect with families seeking music lessons today.

Music Instructor Spotlight

Jesse Harman
Electric Drums
Mill Spring, NC  28756
Christine Hsieh
Piano (Classical)
Any Location - Online
Aaron Busch
Acoustic Guitar
Any Location - Online
Tyler Hauser
Bass Guitar (4 String)
Any Location - Online
Elizabeth Lemons
Double Bass (Orchestral)
Any Location - Online
Emma Sepmeier
Double French Horn
Chicago, IL  60625 / 60605
Eric Droppo
Drum Set (Rock & Blues)
Seattle, WA  98155
Taylor Thompson
Acoustic Guitar
Any Location - Online
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Recent Inquiries

CHARLES - SAN CLEMENTE - Piano (Classical)

SAN CLEMENTE, CA - 1 Adult child looking for Piano (Classical) Teacher.

Allen - San Antonio - Piano (Classical)

San Antonio, TX - One child looking for Piano (Classical) Teacher.

Bret - Cinncinnati - Tuba

Cinncinnati, OH - One child looking for Tuba Teacher.

Heidi - Huntsville - Drum Set

Huntsville, AR - 1 Adult looking for Drum Set Teacher.

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