At MTN, we believe that music education is essential in building important life skills, such as self-esteem, creativity, cognitive ability, empathy, and healthy expression.

What makes Mike Simon’s Music Teachers Network unique?
MTN is all about music: We love it, we live it, we share it. Our aim is to educate and inspire students to feel the magic of music and to help develop the next generation of top performers. Our teachers are evaluated in great detail, background-checked and carefully selected. That means you can trust anyone we recommend and focus on getting the best fit for your needs. We offer lessons for nearly any instrument, level, and style. We have a special feel for special-needs students, knowing the importance for those kids of self-expression through music. MTN easily and directly connects top-class teachers with students who are seeking high-quality education and fun. And MTN connects music with our hearts.

What makes an MTN teacher so special?
We hand-select our teachers based on skill, experience, and approach. Founder Mike Simon has hired thousands of teachers during his career, so he knows how to evaluate and choose the best for your child. He understands that it’s not just about music knowledge; teachers also must have empathy and the ability to convey the fascination of music. We also focus on special needs, and we only recommend teachers we know are qualified.
What benefits does MTN provide to teachers?
MTN is the ambassador for teachers to make sure they connect with students seeking high quality music education. We also give our teachers access to private schools and to musicians across the U.S.
What benefits does MTN provide for students and parents?
All MTN teachers are hand-selected and background-checked. Our goals are to provide the best teacher, make music education fun, and help sharpen students’ senses.
What is MTN’s business model?
Students and parents may use MTN absolutely free – just sign up and connect directly with a teacher. Teachers and musicians pay a small fee to be listed on MTN. They keep all their earnings from lessons and gigs; MTN does not take a share.

How do students find the right teacher?
Success requires the right teacher. On MTN you can find one who will ensure a great musical experience for your child or yourself. Our rigorous evaluation and selection process, and our high level of transparency, set MTN apart.
Your goals matter to us
Just starting out, or choosing a career in music? Facing exams or auditions? Looking for work in entertainment? Regardless of your goals, MTN can provide the right teacher to help you meet them.
What is a Gazelle certified instructor?
MTN’s chief operating officer Anette comes from Germany, where there is a well-known award of excellence called the ‘Geselle’. We have brought this concept to MTN. Our Gazelle instructors may display this badge on their profiles, so you know they have earned a special distinction: they passed a theory test, have submitted an application showing a certain level of experience, and went through an individual screening with Mike Simon.
Why do you not show prices?
Pricing is set by each teacher, according to factors such as skill and experience level, length and frequency of lessons, number of children, travel distance, and the like. We encourage teachers to discuss pricing with parents and students directly. Teachers typically show their average price for a 60-minute lesson.

Why is MTN focusing on private schools?
Our goal is to provide a special service to a special audience. That’s why we decided to put private and Montessori schools in our scope. In our experience, students at such schools are more responsive and attracted to music education, and they appreciate the value it adds to a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) curriculum. The private-school demographic is also a good fit for top private instructors.
How does lesson scheduling work?
Scheduling is completely up to you, negotiating directly with the teacher you choose. Our role at MTN is to connect you with the best teachers in your area.
What if I'm not finding the right teacher?
We’re here to help, whether it’s finding the right teacher or finding the right instrument. If you think you’ve have chosen wrong in either, no worries – there are always more options, including our SELECT program, in which we arrange lessons for you.

What services does MTN provide to musicians beyond teaching?
Many of our teachers are also performers, recording artists, writers, or producers. On MTN, they can build a performance profile to be hired for gigs and events such like birthday parties, bar and bat mitzvahs, weddings, or session gigs in bands and studio recordings. MTN helps musicians to develop their own dreams in music.
Learning and performing - ready for recitals?
Together with our network of teachers, we look for competitions and circles to show your talent and to foster your skills. Together with our network of schools, we look for regular events to make your young students shine.